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We are a family company on a misson to assemble leading operators, innovators, scientists and leaders to help shape sustainable businesses that promise a better future. As evidenced by our track record, we operate as a strategic, long-term investor, residing at the intersection of operations, product development, capital and talent. 

What empowers us, is the pursuit to do something considered for the long-term. We believe true innovation is a journey and risk at the same time. Hence, we try to contiously improve and build our tested playbook to partner with our portfolio companies through the entire journey - without an exit date. 

To date, our portfolio companies generate cumulative sales of more than EUR 3 billion and employ around 10.000 employees. Going forward, we will continue to invest, build and accelerate businesses - for our teams and the world around us.


Austria’s leading pharmaceutical company is an internationally operating, independent  family business based in Lannach, Austria. The team consists of people for whom the health and well-being of our society is of utmost importance.

GL Pharma develops, produces and markets both branded as well as off-patent drugs in more than 50 countries worldwide. As a family-owned company, the strategy is built around focusing on long-term performance which has proven successful for more than 70 years.

The company operates two EU-GMP certified production facilities in Vienna and Graz, where both pharmaceutical products from internal development projects as well as from a broad network of cooperation partners are manufactured. Core competencies lie in the areas of substitution therapy, pain management and epilepsy.

○    Sector  -  Pharmaceuticals
○    Founded  -  1947
○    Sales  -  250 MEUR
○    Employees  -  1.200


Genericon is an Austrian pharmaceutical company that has specialized in the development and distribution of high-quality off-patent pharmaceuticals since its foundation in 1986.
Decades of experience, high competence and unconditional compliance with the highest quality criteria have made the brand one of the most respected pharmaceutical companies in the domestic, Austrian pharma market.

The wide range of products covers the fields of cardiovascular, metabolic, neurology and psychiatry, urology, gastroenterology, pain and infections, among others. The long-standing team shares the common mission to continue improving the lives of as many people as possible.

○    Sector  -  Pharmaceuticals
○    Founded  -  1986
○    Sales  -  110 MEUR
○    Employees  - 420


For more than 25 years, the two companies Varioform (Austria) and Energopet (Serbia) have stood for the production of high-quality PET preforms and PET bottles made in Europe. Through continuous investment in development and innovation, the companies have managed to stay ahead of competition. Due to the flexible company structure, excellent business relations with well-known partners from various industries have been established.

PET is a thermoplastic synthetic material, which can be turned into the various bottles and containers holding substances ranging from soft drinks to detergents and cosmetic products. The special advantages of PET are basically the light weight and the comparatively high stability and breaking strength. PET bottles are easily identified through the recycling code 1.

○    Sector  -  PET Preforms
○    Location  -  Austria & Serbia
○    Sales  -  80 MEUR
○    Employees  -  90


KNAPP develops and markets warehouse equipment and computer software. The Company offers services such as storage, retrievel, conveyor and order fulfillment equipment, consulting, leak detection, and warehouse logistics software.

The group is a global provider of intelligent automation solutions for intralogistics and manufacturing, specializing in the sectors healthcare, fashion/apparel, general retail, food retail, industry and service.

Today, with more than 6.000 employees in 53 locations worldwide, the team is shaping the future-oriented industry of intralogistics. Founded in 1952 as a two-man business, KNAPP has developed into one of the strongest and most innovative partners for integrated logistics solutions.

○    Sector  -  Materials Handling
○    Founded  -  1952
○    Sales  -  1.900 MEUR
○    Employees  -  6.000


The BGO Holding is an international group of companies covering the world of office furniture, with Austrian roots. The group comprises the brands Bene, Hali and Neudörfler. 

Three strong office furniture brands achieve a turnover of around 300 MEUR, approx. 50% of which is generated within Austria and 50% is generated from international business. Roughly 1.400 employees are employed across three production sites in Austria.

Internationally presence is evidenced by activities in almost 40 countries, ranging across the globe from Vienna to Sydney. 

The company covers a broad range of competencies ranging from industrial series and individual production to large-scale manufacturing. 

○    Sector  -  Office Furniture
○    Founded  -  2015
○    Sales  -  300 MEUR
○    Employees  -  1.400
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